Hits Blunt Face Mask
Hits Blunt Face Mask

Hits Blunt Face Mask

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Wishing you could hit a blunt while waiting in line at Costco? Wear our *hits blunt* Face Mask to hold you over during that essential trip baby.
The gas mask bong hits you so strongly on the first rip that one hit might be all you need. It's a mask, it traps all of the weed smoke inside, meaning your face.

This blunt gas mask is a weed & marijuana face mask that is ideal for both men & women, suitable for cycling, camping, running, travel, climbing, and daily use.
  • Handmade in the USA.
  • Handwash in cold water and lay flat to dry.
  • Not intended for medical use, but may help prevent transmission of cooties!
  • Covers nose, mouth, and chin comfortably.
  • The black liner provides maximal breathability and can even double as a reversible look.
  • Sizing: 5.4 inches by 8 inches / Full Width: 12 inches

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT accept returns on face masks! 

If you find your mask is a little tight, pull on the ear loops! They will stretch :)