What to Wear to a Drive-in Rave

Drive-In Rave Fashion
Ravers across the world have had a memorable summer, to say the least as most all festivals were canceled or rescheduled for this season. The rave community, to the benefit of the fans, quickly began to put together live stream events.
With restrictions in some cities going down, we are starting to see our first taste of drive-in raves. Yes, you read that correctly. Around the country, ravers are going to see their favorite Dj’s in a controlled social distance acceptable environment.
It seems like this is as close as we’ll get to an authentic festival experience. Nevertheless, ravers have begun flooding to these events, not missing a beat; putting use to those outfits they thought would go to waste. 

But how do I replicate my festival experience in a drive-in setting you ask?

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drive-in rave chicago
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So, how do I find drive-in rave events?
New events pop up all the time so follow your favorite artists on social media!
Click here for upcoming events.
While we know that we all miss dancing together, we will be the pioneers of the new rave culture! We hope that the rave community can continue to find ways to be safe and have fun! As always, peace, love, unity, and respect to you and yours.

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