Welcome Ravers and Fashionistas!

Welcome Ravers and Fashionistas!
Before we get these blogs started I wanted to personally welcome each and every one of you to my store. Just last year this was merely a thought. A thought conjured up after tireless nights trying to figure out what I was going do for a career and who I was going to be in this world. Because let's face it, being a 30-year-old "Instagram model" who gets paid in free festival tickets and merchandise was not going to cut it! And I felt like that was exactly where I was headed if I didn't do something quick.
I don't remember what exactly made the lightbulb come on for me to create my own rave brand. It could have been the fact that I was broke AF, that I wasn't able to attend all the festivals I wanted, that brands I wanted to work with didn't notice me, that black girls weren't getting hired or promoted as much as other girls, that brands weren't paying me what I deserved or paying me at all for that matter, or maybe it was a combination of it all, hell! All I know is one-day last year I realized that my efforts would be better spent on my own dreams and since then I never looked back. 
So again, I would like to welcome you to my store and encourage you to sign up for the GMP GANG Newsletter so you can get notified of new drops, sales, and blog posts like this one :) You can expect blog posts on EDM current events, fashion tips, event and project recaps, interviews, and much much more!  This is my brand as well as yours and I want us to feel like family. In the comment section please tell me a little bit about yourself and what you look for in a fashion brand. 
Can't wait to see you at the next rave! 

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  • Monique

    First off hello! I love what you’re doing, I’ve recently found you on Instagram and am enjoying your brand/content. I love everything rave fashion, it’s so addicting! I just recently started to post exclusively rave outfits and makeup that I put together on Instagram, just as a creative outlet and form of expression. Since doing so, I’ve been deep diving into smaller rave brands to really be able to explore new products and get inspo from new people and places. I like when brands have a good mixture of unique yet still versatile clothing. Other than just liking pieces a store sells, I appreciate diversity in models/body types just because it can be discouraging to buy products that are only shown on a certain body type. Whether it’s on the website itself or in the marketing of the brand I like to see a brand that appreciates all of their different types of customers. It’s always a plus when things are priced well for those that want to be cute on a budget but I also know the more unique a piece is or if it’s handmade the higher the cost will be, as long as the quality is there I don’t mind it!


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