35 Black-Owned Rave Brands To Shop At

35 Black-Owned Rave Brands To Shop At

Festivals and raves are all about inclusion, unity, and equality. We at GMP fully support the Black Lives Matter movement and those using their voices and platforms to fight for change.

As a black-owned business, we are aware of the importance of supporting our community and bringing awareness to other brands in the EDM scene. So we have compiled a list of 35 unique black-owned rave brands for you to support and stan.

Enjoy ;) and spread the word!



First on the list is yours truly! GIVEMEPLUR is a Chicago-based online rave-fashion boutique that sells rave and festival wear, clubwear, and lingerie. GIVEMEPLUR was founded by Imani Williams back in 2014, but the store didn’t officially go public until March 9, 2020. This boutique sells ready-to-order fashion and is plus-sized friendly.

GIVEMEPLUR also sells their Ravers Love Water collection on the site. RLW is a brand created to inspire ravers to live a healthier lifestyle and to promote recreational drug use education. Shop the line here.


2. Jenniiva


The owner and designer is Jennifer Okoro. She also sells custom tye-dye apparel at Jenniiva Dyes.


3. Elsie & Fred

Elsie and Fred is a UK-based ravewear company. Siblings Leanne, Natalie and Ryan Haynes are the owners who started the brand in 2016. The boutique offers vibrant women's rave fashion that is made to order.


4. Valley of Babez

Raven Holmes is the owner of Valley of Babez and this rave brand is based out of Greenville, MS. Valley of Babez opened in 2018 and offers women's rave sets, robes, and accessories. The brand is also plus-sized friendly. 


5. Frisk Me Good

Cierra Boyd is the owner of Frisk Me Good, a Cleveland-based ravewear shop. The store started in 2017, offers up-cycled, handmade pieces, and custom orders. Frisk Me Good is an emerging brand focusing on bold, sustainable, and ethically made products. 


6. Funky Gurls Clothing

Funky Gurls Clothing offers handmade custom ravewear fashion. The store opened in 2018 and makes pieces for women of all sizes.


 7. Pretty in Punq 

Pretty in Punq was started in 2017 by rave babe best-friend duo Shelby Brittman and Mackenzie Johnson. The brand features ready to order rave fashion and also has custom order options.



HDBNGR RVWR is a New-York based company owned by Lexi Williams. The brand specializes in rave apparel (tees, flannels, hoodies and rave fashion) and accessories (masks, bras, glasses, etc.). HDBNGR RVWR offers both men and women's fashion and is plus-sized friendly.


9. Bras By Nicolle 

Bras by Nicolle's owner, Nicolle Glover, is a New Jersey-based rave babe bringing handmade custom rave bras to the scene. Bras by Nicolle takes custom orders and can make a creation from any bra.


10. Glitter Kitten

Owner Leia Perini started the brand in 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. Glitter Kitten is a one-stop-shop for women's festival sets, jewelry, accessories, and more.


11. Spookie Kidz

Spookie Kidz is a Jersey-based company by brand by owner Emerald Davis offering alternative/gothic styles. They offer boutique festival fashion, t-shirts, and accessories for both men and women.


12. Rave Kulture Kreations

Rave Kulture Kreations is a rave hair-accessory brand. Owner, Kay, is a Houston based hairstylist providing hair braiding services for festivals and events.


13. KayoticK

KayoticK is an Atlanta, GA based boutique shop owned by Kayla Hodges. The brand features made to order pieces, platforms, and fashion heels. The brand is plus-sized friendly and online-only. 


14. Amarachi

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Amarachi, the London based accessory brand, was created by Sonnah Haja Allie in 2018. They offer both ready to order and custom made pieces and have the perfect accessories to complete any festival look.


15. UGoGirl

UGoGirl saw its inception in May 2019 by owner Jade Khan. The Reading, UK based brand offers festival attire and accessories. They also sell ready to order branded sweats.


16. Electric By Mar

Electric By Mar is an online festival shop that features custom made pieces. The brand is known for its colorful two-piece sets and festival fashion accessories.


17. House of Aris

House of Aris is a brand owned by Aris Van Calster. With unique custom pieces for all body types, the accessories and sets are anything but ordinary. Check out their IG for custom ordering information. 


18. We KoKo

WeKoKo is a marketplace for many independently owned rave fashion brands. With styles from a plethora of different brands, you can find something to fit any rave mood! 


19. Neon Cowboys

Neon Cowboys offers iridescent and glow-in-the-dark festival accessories. Carrying everything from masks, hats and even press-on nails; this is the perfect brand to take your festival looks to the next level.  The CEO & Designer is Asia Hall.


20. Crooked River Clothing 

Crooked River Clothing is a brand founded by John Baker in Cleveland, OH. They are an online-only boutique that began February 1, 2019. The brand offers women's fashion, streetwear, athletic gear, and handbags. 


21. Unapologetic

Unapologetic offers unique custom styles for women of all body types. The owner, Chelyna, is based out of Omaha, Nebraska. Unapologetic offers not just festival fashion, but also leisurewear, lingerie, and accessories. 


22. Eurythmik

Eurythmik by Marissa "Mik" Monique is a brand specializing in custom crotchet sets and accessories. Colorful two-piece sets, earrings, and bags all handmade and ready for ravers of all body types. 


23. Starrland

Starrland is a custom mask producing brand. The masks are decorated with images of powerful and influential women but can be customized to fit any image and design. 


24. Sudosci

Sudosci is a brand that features chokers, harnesses, and branded graphic T-shirts. The brand is Brooklyn, NY based, and all designs on the website are handmade. 


25. Foulari

Foulari was a brand created by Pablo A. Cruz in Los Angeles, California. The brand was started in 2017 and takes simple rave accessories and makes them special. They are an online-only store and sell pieces for everyone. 


26. Diverse Design Clothing

Diverse Designs brings custom rave pieces by UK based designer Ellia English. The brand sells custom made two-pieces and festival sets for women. The sets can be made to fit women of all body types. 


27. Harness Me Designs

Harness Me Designs is a company created by Emily Johnston. She offers custom coloring and styling for harness creations. The shop is plus-sized friendly and makes items that are perfect for completing any rave outfit!


28. Honeiibeth

Honeiibeth is an online shop, founded by Elizabeth Simone, offers custom made harnesses and masks. The brand has embroidered styles that are made to order and also takes custom orders. The harnesses can be made to fit all sizes and masks can be customized to match any style.  


29. An Original Leroy

An Original Leroy is a London-based brand featuring handmade unique festival fashion. The brand's pieces range from festival sets to crewneck sweaters. You can find their styles on the Asos Marketplace.


30. Treasure the Funk

Treasure The Funk is a slow-fashion custom festival wear brand. Their unique styles are handmade for women of all sizes. The bold fabrics and additional accessories will make you stand out at any event!


31. Jada Lebour

Jada Lebour, self-titled after it's New York-based owner, offers handmade rave fashion and accessories. The bold colors, mixed fabrics, and chain accessories are perfect for any rave babe looking to take their looks to the next level. This shop is plus-sized friendly. 


32. Upstreet Kid

Upstreet Kid is an LA-based festival and lingerie wear shop founded by fashion designer Char. The items are handmade and made to order. The brand has rave fashion as well as graphic tees and fleece shorts. 


33. Play Gear

Play Gear is a one-stop-shop for rave wear, outerwear, graphic tees, accessories, and even wigs. The store is online-only and based out of Atlanta, GA. They offer both men's and women's fashion items and offer ready-made and custom designs. 


34. She Has Evolved

She Has Evolved has bold festival sets and accessories to complete any edgy rave look. The brand has made-to-order fashion and designs that will turn heads at your next event! 


35. Nasty Gem 

Nasty Gem is a Maryland-based accessory company that began in 2018. They use vinyl and micro-fiber faux leather to create stunning custom accessories! With their studded chokers, necklaces, and harnesses Nasty Gem will take your look to new heights!


We at GMP love supporting our fellow black-owned businesses especially rave brands! If we missed you or your favorite brand leave us a note in the comments so we can add them to our list. xoxo


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